CoronaGuard™: Public Transportation Partitions

Transparent sheets ideal for partitioning and separating riders and drivers to increase public safety.

Fabshapes has long been a provider of quality plastic materials for the mass transit industry. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the industry’s needs and placed an even greater importance on products and materials that bolster health and safety in these spaces.

Mass Transit Applications for LEXAN™ Film and Sheet Products

Specifically, Fabshapes offers LEXAN™ Film and Sheet products, which provide a strong base material for everything from windows to seating. These polycarbonate sheets are also perfect for use as partitions in mass transit vehicles. Essentially, the material serves as a protective barrier or sneeze guard between drivers and passengers. This can help public transit facilitators meet state requirements regarding social distancing and public health and safety amidst COVID-19.

In addition to offering driver protection, LEXAN™ Film and Sheet products can also be used to create partitions or protection panels between riders, as well as sneeze guards for ticket windows, customer service kiosks, and office workstations.

Common Transport Applications

  • Driver protection panels
  • Rider partition/protection panels
  • Kiosks sneeze guards

  • Ticket windows sneeze guards
  • Office workspace guards

About LEXAN™ Sheet & Film Materials

So what makes LEXAN™ Film and Sheet products so perfect for use in the mass transit industry?

High Impact Strength

 The material is virtually unbreakable and able to hold up to daily wear and tear and forceful impact

Crystal clear optics

The materials transparency allows drivers and passengers to see clearly, enhancing public health efforts without sacrificing safety


 This allows for easy installation so transit providers can get their vehicles up to public safety standards quickly

Dimensional stability

Polycarbonate retains its basic size, shape, and properties even at elevated temperatures

Easy formability

This allows transit providers to customize materials to their specific needs

Premium grades available

Special coatings allow for added scratch and chemical resistance


Fabshapes is committed to providing quality plastic materials to meet the unique needs of transportation providers. We work with companies throughout the Midwest and East Coast to provide quality materials from top suppliers. Additionally, our Dayton facility offers a total source for plastic machining and fabrication, featuring expert conversion capabilities like cut-to-size sheets, film conversion, and CNC routing. All that is mixed with our team’s dedication to providing prompt and friendly service. To discuss LEXAN™ Film and Sheet products or other material needs for mass transit application, request a quote today and you’ll hear back from us within 24 hours.

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